Merchant Services for the CBD & Hemp Industry

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We accept the majority of CBD and Hemp Related Businesses

CBD Ejuice Producers


Online Resellers

CBD / Hemp Distributors

CBD / Hemp Processors


CBD / Hemp Retailers



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We Provide Merchant Services for these Popular CBD & Hemp Products

CBD Dab Products


CBD Infused Eliquid




Facial Cream

Hemp Cream

Hemp Oil


Oral Ingestion

Prefilled CBD Cartridges


Vape Products

and more..

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How are we able to do what other merchant service providers cannot?

CBD and hemp businesses and products alike are under scrutiny similar to that of its Marijuana THC counterparts. CBD and hemp products are devoid of THC and thus fall into a grey area of legality. This leaves the door open for industries of service such as merchant services to provide payment solutions. However, the complications from an ever-changing legal and regulatory environment coupled with the underwriting required for high risk businesses only leaves the door open for a qualified handful of merchant service providers.

In order for CBD Merchant Service to be able to provide viable, long-term solutions we could not take the same cookie cutter approach you’ll find our competitors boasting about on various social media platforms. The majority of executives in this company are either currently involved or have a tenured background in the CBD and Hemp industry. All of our associates have extensive merchant service industry experience.

These two factors keep us focused on the industry and abreast of new developments or changes in legalities, regulations, and payment processing climates.

We’ve developed proprietary methods for underwriting and underwriting is performed in-house. Not only does this give us greater control of the underwriting process but this hands-on approach allows for the highest possible approval rates. It also assures accuracy and transparency. This is incredibly important for all parties – the merchant, CBD Merchant Service, and our proprietary partner domestic banks. This provides a higher level of comfort because there is nothing hidden between CBD Merchant Service and its merchants, and that transparency seeps through to our partner banks that are able to understand your business with greater clarity and therefore are more comfortable backing you as merchant they openly know is selling CBD and hemp Products.

This prevents unexpected merchant account shutdowns for type of business or type of product sold. We blend this with the lowest available industry processing rates, the latest technologies in payment gateways and equipment, and a no-nonsense merchant first customer service approach. In turn, you get the people, products, process, and price that makes us the preferred choice for CBD and hemp merchant services.

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